• Edward B Fogarty

Old Year New Year

Received a call today from a client, been imprisoned a long time - over 15 years - and we're waiting results of an appellate issue.  He's anxious, as one might suspect, at the prospect of what will be indefinite time in prison or a likely quick resolution and freedom.  For inmates incarcerated that long, freedom can be a double-edged sword.  Freedom is for those with means, and without means or money life can be hard.  Doubly so for those with a felony record  Some, once released, find life so difficult they can't go on.  One man, released, bought tools somehow and got a job and was on top of his world, until his employer found out about his criminal past, and fired him.  He couldn't make the payments on his tools, lost both his job and a means to work.  In the end he committed another crime, a stupid crime that left a very clear trail.  He was convicted and returned to jail.  There he contracted a serious disease, and I believe passed away.  What is the adage: you can't escape your past?


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