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Fogarty Law Offices is a legal practice focusing on trials, litigation and appeals.

Attorney Edward Fogarty has over 30 years experience handling trials and litigation and appeals, in all courts. He has represented hundreds of individuals facing serious criminal charges, loss of freedom and personal reputation at the hands of seemingly limitless government resources, or facing economic ruin at the hands of large financial institutions or government agencies. Taking on well-heeled opponents is nothing new to Attorney Fogarty.


Litigation requires stern and absolute decision making. At Fogarty Law Offices each decision is calculated to bring about a turn toward the Client's position. Trials and the litigation leading up to them are emotionally and financially draining. Attorney Fogarty works with each Client to achieve the quickest, surest and most economical solution - without sacrificing rights or legal position. It takes years of experience to achieve this type of efficiency and decision making.


The Legal Process that is our Trial System is complex and daunting for those drawn into its powerful grip. Attorney Fogarty is prepared to assist each Client uniquely toward his or her goal, be it freedom from years of incarceration or freedom from financial ruin.


  • Fogarty Law Offices is currently appearing the Commonswealth's Superior Courts in Hampden, Worcester and Barnstable Counties.

  • Fogarty Law Offices is now preparing appeals before the Appeals and Supreme Judicial Courts of Massachusetts.

  • Fogarty Law Offices is currently litigating and appealing several matters before the Sex Offender Registry Board.

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