Narcotic law violations are pursued at both the state and federal level sometimes by regular police officers, but more often by specialized units of police. These specialized units are often made up of both state and federal officers. When facing a drug law violation you need an attorney who is versed in both the state and federal statutes. Attorney Fogarty has appeared in both the state and federal courts on drug law violations.


Drug law violations are not always clear cut. For some, addiction drives their need for narcotics resulting in an arrest. Further, the addiction can result from legal opiod prescriptions. It takes an experienced lawyer to successfully argue the distinction between drugs for personal use and drugs intended for sale. The distinction can be crucial in determining jail or no jail. Drug cases are rife with Constitutional Questions stemming from regular use of Search Warrants. A Search Warrant must be supported with sufficient legal basis; if that legal basis is missing, the entire case can be thrown out of court from a pre-trial Motion to Suppress Evidence. Attorney Fogarty’s extensive appellate and trial experience make him a solid and winning choice

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