The law of homicide is the most complex. Conviction of Frist Degree Homicide carries a sentence of life without parole. Massachusetts has no death penalty, however the federal government does and if charged in the United States Court the death penalty is possible. It involves subtle variations that takes years of experience to master. Attorney Fogarty has that experience.


It is crucial to understand Murder does not always equate with First Degree. There are lesser charges: Second Degree, Voluntary Manslaughter and Involuntary Manslaughter, each involving a death but with far less serious consequences. Manslaughter carries the potential of a sentence of probation. Many times, the Defendant finds himself charged incorrectly. Understanding these legal distinctions is crucial in determining whether you are facing Life or Probation.


The law of homicide also requires the ability to master a complex trial. There is no shirking this responsibility. When facing a charge of homicide, the possibility of a trial by jury is high, and you want a lawyer who the prosecution knows has what it takes to go to trial and win. Attorney Fogarty has that experience with decades of trial work. To see a short film clip of Attorney Fogarty during a recent Murder trial CLICK HERE.

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