• Edward B Fogarty

CD's to Jail

Technology is written about all the time in the legal journals as lawyers in the civil world utilize digitization for storage, communication and general litigation discovery practice.  Criminal law is its own world, and for any number of reasons it has lagged in use of technology.  Some of that lag is due to the general hesitance of police to embrace a new device or technology and even moreso the snail's pace with which the courts make any change.

That has changed in recent years however, and exchange of police reports, and general discovery in criminal trial practice has become commonplace.  The final bastion to overcome are prisons, which in general have no need nor desire to provide inmates with technology nor spend money on such devices as computers or cd/dvd players.  That is changing, as lawyers and the courts provide more and more materials in digital format for the client to review.  The right of a defendant to have prepare and assist in preparation of his case and defense is breaking down any final barriers to technology in prison, and it is now possible to send a client files and video of evidence in cd or dvd format for viewing.  It is a great help, for the client and to the lawyer and ultimately to the courts and justice.  

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